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VGF’s Vegan & gluten free food journey…

VGF’s Vegan & gluten free food journey…

The beginning, my mind was forever changed by … Netflix of all things. My eyes were opened by folks over knives.

When my poor wife woke up and yawned her way into the living room, she was hit with, “We’re going vegan!”

Now I need to explain my wife is Celiac, and at the time was a pescatarian. So, you won’t be surprised when she asks, “What am I going to eat?”  Now for publishing reasons I have cleaned that sentence up a little, also, I forgot to mention, she isn’t very keen on vegetables! I know right.

Day’s go by. We are slowly starving. Eating less and less because the food we are eating is bland, boring and very samie.  Oh, and my final word on this, tofu. There are no words to explain my first experience that I’m able to share with you.

After we both lost 10 kilo’s each, something had to be done.

Even going out wasn’t fun. You can get a vegan menu and you can get a gluten free menu, but the two do not cross over. Sometime chips and a side salad, most of the time just the side salad.

Hungry, no, starving something had to change and that something was me.

I needed to learn how to cook!!!

A year or so later, having friends and family rave over my food, and putting 5 kilos of healthy weight back on VGF’s was born.

Vegan and gluten free food. Fresh locally sourced ingredients, cooked and frozen ready for you to enjoy.


 I now know how to prepare tofu and it’s one of my favoured foods.

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